Documentary Film: This Chair Is Not Me  //  Production Company: Anthem Films

While cerebral palsy confines Alan Martin to a wheelchair and inhibits his speech, he refuses to limit himself. When he gains access to technology that enables him to find a voice, his life is transformed.

Full Film

“Utilizing stunning visual vocabulary and subtle re-enactment, THIS CHAIR IS NOT ME presents a cinematic experience as unique as the subject himself.”

“Visually stunning and the best use of voice over in a short. Emotional engaging and moving in its simplicity.”

“Nothing affected me like this. I thought the use of sound was pretty unique and the images in the film stay with me - in particular moments in slow mo. The young girl dancing in joy in the chip shop. The butterfly on the lamp. It was simple but beautiful - not a little tragic and yet greatly uplifting. Three cheers!”

“Stunning cinematography and beautifully scripted. Well done to all involved.”